Meeting – August 14, 2014

Colleen Wagner lead out in our August MOSI meeting, like usual.  We covered the business items quickly, discussing plans and upcoming events.

8-2014 meeting-1-images

8-2014 meeting-2-images

During the break, all the attending artists and the other members interested in art, voted for the Artist of the Month.

8-2014 meeting-3-images

Last February Jana Russon was Artist of the Month, therefore disqualifying for that status for six months. This 2 foot by 3 foot print is a tribute to the Chinese “Year of the Horse 2014.” In July, Jana was juried in to Best of Missouri Hands as a member in Juried Status.


8-2014 meeting-4-imagesWe artists thank Colleen for all she does to point us in the right direction.


Images and text © Jana Russon, unless otherwise stated

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