Meeting – September 11, 2014

There was a good turn out at the recent MOSI September 11 meeting.

9-2014 meeting-1-imagesOne of the MOSI artists [Diane Baer] attended a recent watercolor workshop which she explained to the members.





9-2014 meeting-2-imagesAshley Fay’s Art Store is a new business in town and she invited us each to come by and see her inventory, and take some art supply home and be creative.



9-2014 meeting-3-imagesThere were two new members, Truman students, who joined. We are very happy to have Truman students join the art guild.




9-2014 meeting-4-imagesAnother member showed a small horse figurine that was covered with a poem in Chinese. She read the poem to us in English.




9-2014 meeting-5-images

During a short break the members voted on their favorite piece of art for the Artist of the Month contest.

Rusty Nelson, chairman of the Truman art department gave a presentation showing how their art students are using the electronic tablets to make their art more and more. Many programs give flexibility with the many devices available.

9-2014 meeting-6-images

We all get ideas from the presenters and their specialties.

9-2014 meeting-7-images

9-2014 meeting-8-images

Here he shows how varying brushes make different marks on the electronic tablet.



9-2014 meeting-9-imagesThis program has a sketch book in it onto which the artists can draw, paint, watercolor, charcoal, etc.



9-2014 meeting-10-imagesThen the Artist of the Month was announced: Judy Harris did an oil painting of a composite of four colts running in the field, titled “Playtime.”


Text and images © Jana Russon

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