Presentation – July 12, 2014

The presentation for the July 2014 meeting was given by Ann Salviazul.

In this very important presentation, Ann discussed what is absolutely necessary when preparing your artwork for exhibition with MOSI or any other gallery or venue.

7-2014 meeting-1-images

She emphasized that the artwork needs to look and be professional.

7-2014 meeting-2-images

It should hang in a sturdy manner, and it should be safe for those installing them.


7-2014 meeting-3-images

7-2014 meeting-4-images The hardware should be strong and applied properly to hold the weight of the piece. Here are some of the things the artist will want be become familiar with.


The 3-D artists must have sturdy balanced pedestals in proportion to the art piece and it’s weight.

Text and images © Jana Russon

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