Meeting – June 21, 2014

Colleen Wagner talked about how she creates her mixed media abstracts.

6-2014 meeting-1-images

Her modern approach with the flip-tablet was a hit. She presented some basic and important aspects of creating design. It was a most informative presentation which kept us all interested.

6-2014 meeting-2-images

6-2014 meeting-3-imagesGreg Walter was chosen as Artist of the Month. Truthfully, the folks who vote, the paid members, are actually selecting the art piece of the month, but with that comes the artist.


The MOSI members who are inspired will bring a piece of art to the monthly meeting for presentation, to be voted upon. If you are selected as Artist of the Month you have six months hiatus before you can bring another competing piece of art.

But there is the show-and-tell which some artists participate in. You can bring a piece of art, not to be voted on, but to be briefly discussed as to technique, inspiration, application, etc.

Text © Jana Russon; photos © George Barlow

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