Meeting – November 13, 2014

Colleen Wagner discussed some changes in the By-Laws that we voted on in this meeting.

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To read these changes click on the MOSI tab at the top of each Kirksville Arts Association (KAA) webpage and follow it to the MOSI By-Laws.

Several of the MOSI artists brought work to be placed for two months in the Shelter Insurance Window on the north side of the square in Kirksville.

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For the Show-and-Tell part of the meeting a MOSI artist/photographer, Jana Russon, shows multiple ways to present the same image in different formats.

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Just before the presentation, all the attending MOSI Members get to vote for their favorite piece of art for the Celebrated Artist in the KAA front window. We find out after the presentation who receives the recognition.

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Gigi Wahba gave this month’s presentation on stained glass by showing a pattern, cutting glass, using foil and solder, and attaching a devise for hanging it.

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See a 20-second video of this process

The Celebrated Artist recognition was received by Carla Palermo who’s picture of chickens was liked by the most MOSI artists in attendance. To see the image of Carla and her painting that won this recognition, and the artist’s bio submitted by Maureen McHale, CLICK HERE.

The chair fundraising project has three chairs that are finished, with the others being finished soon. This project will be auctioned off with  a beginning bid of $65.

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If you are interested in art, or if you are an artist, come join us at MOSI for some fun. Look thru the KAA website Photos of Events tab at the top of each page to see pictures of other MOSI meetings and KAA events in general.

Text and images © Jana Russon, 2014

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