Artwalk—June 2016

June 3, 4–6:30 p.m. found some of our MOSI members “doing their thing” on Kirksville’s downtown square and adjacent streets. The Artwalk is an annual display of how artists work in their studio. The public wanders the downtown streets to see examples of local art in progress and gets to know the artists first-hand. Maps of the artist’s locations were obtained at Kirksville Arts Association (KAA) where MOSI’s third annual spring show could also be viewed.

MOSI members participating were: Colleen Wagner, Maureen McHale, Darrell Williams, Emily Dover, Erma Auxter, Judy Sharp, and Chuck Pritchard.

Here Chuck Pritchard, a carver and wood-turner, demonstrates his bird carving techniques.

Chuck Pritchard by Jim Sharp Chuck Pritchard by Jim Sharp

Judy Sharp worked on her Mac computer with Adobe Photoshop, creating digitally manipulated collages and mirrored image borders. She stand here with a display of some of her work.

Judy Sharp by Jim Sharp

Erma Auxter, a MOSI member and oil painter demonstrated her creative process.

Erma Auxter's painting by Jim Sharp Erma Auxter by Jim Sharp

Emily dover is a computer graphic illustrator. Here she displays examples of her work.

Sarah Harrell's work by Jim Sharp Sarah Harrell by Jim Sharp

Darrell Williams, 2016 President of MOSI, set his work up on the courthouse lawn. He is an airbrush and spray can painter, recently of outer space themes. He will be attending University of Missouri–Columbia to obtain his Master of Fine Arts degree.

Darrell Williams airbrushing by Jim Sharp Darrell Williams and some airbrushed work by Jim Sharp

Colleen Wagner, one of the founding members of MOSI, paints in acrylic and watercolor. Her specialties include nature scenes and mixed media abstracts.

Colleen Wagner painting by Jim Sharp

Look for our MOSI members at next year’s Artwalk, downtown Kirksville, early in June 2017.

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