Acrylic Demonstration – Milan HS Art Club

On March 17, Colleen Wagner gave a hands-on acrylics landscape workshop to the Milan C-2 High School Art Club. March 14 through 18 was Art Week at the school.

Art teacher Megan Hines contacted MOSI through the MOSI Art Guild website and requested someone to give a 45 minute demonstration to her high school art club. Colleen demonstrated and tutored about 15 students in making a small landscape painting. The art club supplied all the student materials.

Colleen’s painting technique begins with a base coat of umbers and ochres to define the dark and light areas.

IMG_0317 IMG_0325

Colleen assisting a student. She introduced the students tousing the Golden Mean for location of the center of interest.

IMG_0328  IMG_0333

After the broad areas are defined, Colleen suggests painting the sky upside down, with the darkest of blues at the bottom (the actual top), as the sky is lighter at the horizon, and it is easier to paint it in this way.

IMG_0337 IMG_0340

After the sky is completed, the details of the landscape can be painted, from the background to the foreground.


Many hands at work.

IMG_0347IMG_0348 IMG_0349  IMG_0350

Colleen with her finished landscape, and the students off to another class.


It was known that a good time was had and a lot of learning took place. Mrs. Hines was very appreciative and hopes to visit our MOSI meetings in the future.


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