Meeting – April 9, 2015

The MOSI Art Guild met at Kirksville Arts Association center for a networking meeting, sharing new techniques and ideas.

4-2015 meeting-Darrellimages 4-2015 meeting-Darrell2images

Here Darrell Williams shows his new colored pencil drawings, specified by an art teacher at Truman. Smaller, framed within the page.


4-2015 meeting-Amberimages

Amber Corbett, a fiber artist, is experimenting with other media, being wood burning. Here she shows her newest pieces with ideas for new projects.

There was a discussion about what is craft vs. what is art.


4-2015 meeting-Colleenimages

Colleen Wagner demonstrated a new technique to obtain more texture in her abstract pieces. She spreads a thin layer of “spider webbing” (like is often used for halloween) over her board.

4-2015 meeting-Colleen2images

4-2015 meeting-Colleen3images

She then adds thin paint sprayed thru a small bottle, taps it lightly down onto the surface, lets it dry. To discover the results, she pulls the webbing off the picture.


4-2015 meeting-Colleen4images



The abstract image is the result of this technique.






Our next MOSI Meeting, May 14, 2015, will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Adair County Annex, 300 N. Franklin St., Kirksville, MO.

Images and text © Jana Russon

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