Dynamic Design Workshop – April 4, 2015

The workshop on Dynamic Design by Aaron Fine, sponsored by MOSI, went over swimmingly. We all had fun—it was informative and interesting. The following pictures show what transpired at the Kirksville Arts Association gallery all day Saturday, April 4, 2015.

Dynamic Design-AFine1 4-2015

Aaron Fine, a professor at Truman State University, lead out in this hands-on workshop.

Dynamic Design-AFine2 4-2015 Dynamic Design-AFine3 4-2015

One exercise required uncooked spaghetti. Just let it fall where it will, and draw something like it. Then we put the drawings on the floor where we could evaluate them.


Dynamic Design-AFine4 4-2015

Another exercise was a game, of sorts. Matching color and shape, like a kid’s game.

Dynamic Design-AFine5 4-2015 Dynamic Design-AFine6 4-2015

Dynamic Design-AFine7 4-2015Then we were given random instructions as to what to put down on paper with pen, ink, markers, and imagination.



Dynamic Design-AFine8 4-2015

Then we were asked to lay them out again, on the floor again, and evaluate them again— up-side-down, this time.



We all left the workshop better artists. You should have been there. Thanks to Aaron Fine, Colleen Wagner (MOSI president), Kirksville Arts Association, and the powers that be. We also thank the students who signed up, paid, and attended. A great workshop.

Images and text © Jana Russon

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