BOMH Presentation – March 14, 2015

There were three MOSI members who attended the Best of Missouri Hands presentation on “Branding Yourself.”

BOMH-2015-01 image

The meeting was in the Foundry Art Center in St. Charles, Missouri.

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It is a wonderful facility with many active professional artist’s studios. The main floor can produce a concert or dance or any number of other activities.



The conference began about 10 a.m. Our speaker used a screen to describe how we as artists can brand ourselves.

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We took a break for a nice catered lunch which filled the bill. The meeting continued after 1 p.m. with a business meeting. Here are some of the hard-working BOMH officers reporting their progress and encouraging more participation and outreach.

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Sandra Kolde discussed the new aspects of the website, a major renovation. There will be a learning curve, no doubt, but we artists can put our branded selves up online with our portfolios, artist bios, etc.




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There was the open financial report, with intention for many improvements and advancements.

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It’s always inspiring to get with other artists. Thank you BOMH (Best of Missouri Hands.)

Images and text © Jana Russon

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